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The Purbeck Mineral & Mining Museum

Building a project as large as this requires a lot of materials. By recycling materials, costs can be minimised and damage to environment reduced, so there are no apologies for this begging page. Thanks for all the Donations we have received. They have been most welcome, whether they are small or large, they will all add up to a great Purbeck Heritage Centre. The funding received from EU via Chalk and Cheese is to complete what is needed to open the Museum. However more funds and equipment are required to develop the Museum, so we still are in need of your help.

Shortly we shall see a working narrow gauge railway at Norden. However the layout will be restricted at first and will need funds to develop further. Click Here to see the track appeal

Item Comments Update
Track Laying Tools We would love any track laying tools.  We have some, but more would be useful.

Machine Tools
Any second-hand machine tools are always welcome. Donations instead would be gratefully received We have received some Grinders and drills but are wanting any Electric hand tools both 240v and 110 v that you may have spare and looking for a new home.
Sleepers We will always require sleepers as even when the tramways are complete. There will be a rolling replacement requirement as the wood decays. We have received a large donation of sleepers and purchased a large quantity, but more will always be required.
Rails  We have decided on using a minimum of 35lb/ft rails. We have now purchased a large stock of track panels and turnouts.  We have bought some 35lb track from Lynton and Barnstaple and this has been laid in front of the Transhipment shed. More 35lb track from Trecwn has been purchased. However much more will be required to reach Studland!
Rolling Stock Although we now have a good stock of waggons any 2 foot gauge in reasonable condition will be most welcome. Locomotives are a rarity and highly sort after, working or not. We have bought a Ruston 48DL locomotive (with your kind donations), a quantity of  ex Norden V skips have been donated, some other V skips and ex MOD flat bed waggons have been purchased. Several other ex Norden waggons have been purchased. There are many more ex Norden V-skips out there, so please if they are no longer required, we have a home for them.
De-rusting and Painting Oh what a lovely job, it does require consumables paint, paintbrushes, wire brushes, masks, eye protection, and a shower at the end of a day. We have received some donations, but we will always require more.
Cine (Video or DVD) Film of the Railways and Mining in Purbeck and Photographs  We will always need more films and photographs to display in the Museum when complete. We have very few cine films and yet the mining activities must have been an ideal subject. A big thank you to all who have donated their private collections of mining photographs, but keep them coming

Thank you for everything that you have given, but if you can spare any of the above please e-mail us

If you have any materials and items that are ex ball clay mining (We have received some and they are on display in the Foreman's office) and you are willing to donate or lend to the Museum also please e-mail us

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