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Progress Photographs

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   Demonstration Narrow Gauge Railway

Laying loco ash on Terain  - April 2005 Newly built embankment - April 2005 Regrading of embankment - April 2005 Sleepers stored in front of engine shed site - April 2005First Tramway panel lowered into position July 2005 Another ash wagon arrives 2nd October 2005   And is emptied. 2nd October 2005 Emptied here 2nd October 2005 and laid here 2nd October 2005 and here 2nd October 2005 Ex-Norden Wagon returns from Seaton Tramway "Holiday" - 24th March 2006 Spare set of wheels arrives from "holiday" on Seaton Tramway. - 24th March 2006 Ex Seaton (Ex Norden) rail and V-skips - 24th March 2006 Trackway clearance - 14th May 2006 Storage of Mine Tubs "Brooklands Style". 20 August 2007 Turnout waiting to be laid. 17th March 2008 Track panels waiting to be laid. 17th March 2008 The Sygnets at work cleaning the fishplates from 1000M of ex MOD track. 14th June 2008 Double bogie flat waggon - ex MOD. 10th August 2008 Ex MOD flat waggons. 10th August 2008 Track laying begins. 23rd November 2008 "All hands to the Shovel" 30th November 2008 Digging out the track bed. 30th November 2008 Drilling holes for spikes. 7th December 2008  Andrew P M Wright Extended hours working. 7th December 2008  Andrew P M Wright Bum warming. Frost on the sleepers stayed all day. 7th December 2008  Andrew P M Wright Laying track. 28th December 2008 Gradually the track shape takes place. 28th December 2008 Ruston at the Gate. 28th December 2008 "A longway from Home"  28th December 2008 Ruston makes a break. 28th December 2008 "Let's get home before the light goes" 28th December 2008 The team laying, jacking and packing track. 11th January 2009 Copyright Andrew PM Wright. The Ruston (and Barry) checking the jacking and packing. 11th January 2009 Copyright Andrew PM Wright. Moving sleepers. 1st February 2009 copyright A.P.M.Wright The team enjoying a laugh before the lift in sub-zero temperatures. 1st February 2009 copyright A.P.M.Wright The lift. 1st February 2009 copyright A.P.M.Wright It was decided not to use the point in previous photo. 8th February 2009. Copyright A.P.M.Wright. Almost there, the track comes together. 22nd Febreuary 2009 Ruston streches it legs and recharges its battery. 22nd February 2009. copyright APMWright Jacking to get a perfect curve. 8th March 2009. Copyright APMWright The Ruston checking the jacking and packing. 8th Mar 2009. Copyright APM Wright Loading v-skip with Type1 crushed concrete. 29th March 2009 Tramwaying in the railway. 29th March 2009 Painter's Waggon - A good way to get equipment from one end of site to the other. 15th April 2009 The track has been buried with over a hundred tons of crushed concrete. 15th April 2009 Rolling in the top surface.3rd May 2009 Rolling the new site entrance slope. 3rd May 2009 Another lorry load of type 1 to be spread - Oh No!  17th May 2009 Spread and awaiting rolling. 17th May 2009 Banging in old rails to make a low sleeper wall. 17th May 2009 Sleeper wall awaiting concrete to set before completing. 17th May 2009 Sleeper wall progress. 24th May 2009 On the hottest day of the year so far, a hose pipe is a useful tool to keep cool. 24th May 2009 The new wall grows in length. 31st May 2009 Skip being loaded for journey to Purbeck School for refubishment. 19th July 2009 A much needed rest whilst working in the offsite storage. 28th March 2010 2' 6" gauge track Panels being dismantled. 28th March 2010 Rail and sleepers neatly stacked. 28th March 2010Refurbished waggon chassis.  28th March 2010 Unloading a wagon load of ash for track foundation. 27th June 2010 Sleepers set out.  23rd January 2011 and yet more sleepers. 23rd January 2011The rails begin to extend out from Transhipment shed area. Sunday 6th March 2011 A waggon load of sleepers waits for the rails to go down. Sunday 6th March 2011 Ruston on an outing up the newly laid track. 13th March 2011 The hardwork of tracklaying continues. 4th April 2011 Underground tub being used to tip ballast in centre of track. 4th April 2011 A beautiful spring day - its not meant to spring back!  10th April 2011 Track extends further. 24th April 2011 Postioning turnout for engine shed. 24th April 2011 Point installation.  18th May 2011 Tracklaying reaches Stable Junction. 5th June 2011  Adjusting the track. Sunday 26th June 2011 Track gangs taking a rest in the heat at Stable Junction. Sunday 26th June 2011 The track laying gang in full flow. 10th July 2011Fixing track to sleepers on the siding. Sunday 17th July 2011 Ruston receiving an minor overhaul. Sunday 17th July 2011 Ruston gets to see Corfe Castle. Sunday 31st July 2011 The team working on a check rail to ensure that point blade does not recieve damage from the Ruston. Sunday 31st July 2011 M7 sees Ruston. Sunday 31st July 2011 Ruston get ready for a day's work. Sunday 14th August 2011 Ruston waits with a full ballast train. Sunday 14th August 2011 Ballast train at dropping point, Sunday 14th August 2011 The waggon returns today. This is the base of the Diesel Tank waggon that appears so often in 1960's and 70's photos. Sunday 2nd October 2011 Yet another Ballast Train gets ready. The Ruston is scheduled to work hard during the winter. Sunday 2nd October 2011 Jacking & Packing. Sunday 6th November 2011 Ballast Train. Sunday 6th November 2011 Network Rail Apprentices at work at Norden spreading Ballast. Sunday 20th November 2011 Apprentices from the Network Rail Training Centre within HMS Sultan, a naval engineering training base in Gosport take a break between ballast trains. Sunday 20th November 2011 Repositioning Stock. Sunday 1st April 2012 Another Point leaver being installed. Sunday 6th May 2012 Exit from Engine Shed track bed. Tuesday 29th May 2012 Railroad into Engine shed ballasted. Friday 10th August 2012 Balalsting continues along top track. Sunday 12 th August 2012  Going round the bend in the hot sun. Sunday 19th August 2012 The sleepers awaiting the next straight. Sunday 19th August 2012 And the ballast awaiting sleepers. Sunday 19th August 2012 The bend is now complete after a great deal of hard work. Sunday 9th September 2012 Ballasting in progress. Sunday 16th September 2012 Footpath to Engine Shed laid. Sunday 16th September 2012 The view from the line which is awaiting jacking and packing. Sunday 16th September 2012 Point laid. Sunday 30th September 2012 ex Durley Light Railway Point arrives. 10th October 2012 Bending the trackl. Sunday 14th October 2012 Ruston sitting in the Autumn Sun waiting for ballast to be loaded. Sunday 14th October 2012 Sparks fly as the rail is cut. Sunday 4th November 2012 and Drills get drilling. Sunday 4th November 2012 And yet more Drilling!  Sunday 25th November 2012 Ex Lynton & Barnstable point being installed. Sunday 25th November 2012. Ruston's first trip on the line leading to Engine Shed. Sunday 23rd December 2012 Point number 7 of 8. Sunday 23rd December 2012 Chairman working hard to extend trackbed. Sunday 6th January 2013 He wasn't alone - they are working round the corner. Sunday 6th January 2013 Track approaches Engine Shed. Sunday 13th January 2013 Ruston Takes a look inside its new home. Sunday 20th January 2013 Second road into EngineShed"gets its curve". Sunday 27th January 2013 More Rail on its way to being laid!  Sunday 27th January 2013 A sleeper train! Sunday 24th February 2013 Unloading rail.  Sunday4th February 2013 Stocks of sleepers and rails. Sunday 3rd March 2013 Motorail arrives in a cloud of smoke. Sunday 7th April 2013 Point lever being installed. Sunday 5th May 2013 Diesel Gala - Ruston pulls its longest train so far while the Motorail waits for its turn. Friday 10th May 2013 A previously laid point disappears. Sunday 9th June 2013and re-appears here. Sunday 9th June 2013 P7070260_resized.jpg (131873 bytes) Ruston with Bonnet off and on way to collect Ballast Skips. Sunday 27th October 2013 Ruston off to collect more ballast. Sunday 1st December 2013 Volunteers shovelling ballast. Sunday 1st December 2013 Point Lever being installed. Sunday 1st December 2013 Ex Trecwn wagon being pushed over ex Trecwn rail. Sunday 1st December 2013 Another skip arrives on site with a top half problem! Sunday 8th December 2013 Drainage sump gets a new removalble cover after a clean out. Sunday 8th December 2013

Click here for short movie of Ruston moving (don't forget to have the sound up)

Click here for short movie of drilling fishplate holes



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