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Progress Photographs

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Transhipment Building

Transipment shed before dismantlingRollering surface of new access road April 2005 Spreading surface for new access road April 2005 Speading surface on top of rubble - New access road April 2005 Smoothing the road with restored 1950's roller Excavator and first 2 supports for retataining wall - June 2005Excavated base for Transhipment Shed - June 2005 Steel inserted in 9ft deep hole full of concrete. Constructing the steelwork retaining the embankmentRetaining sleeper wall 1st August 2005Final wall panels being installed 7th August 2005 Who put that up there? 7th August 2005Bricks buried to show level to be excavated 10th August 2005 Transhipment shed site excavated awaiting hardcore. 13th August 2005 Speading 5 lorry loads of hardcore. 18th September 2005With the blinding in place the shape of the building can be seen. 2nd October 2005 Wagons Roll - Rolling the binding  9th October 2005Comencement of shuttering installation. 9th October 2005Reinforcing in place for Main Building Foundation 27th October 2005Reinforcing in place for Main Building Foundation 27th October 2005 Main Building Foundation awaiting concrete 27th October 2005 Concrete (3 lorry loads) arriving on site 28th October 2005 Moving the concrete from lorry to foundation via digger. 28th October 2005 Unloading concrete. 28th October 2005All hands to the pump. 28th October 2005Spreading the concrete. 28th October 2005Tamping the concrete 28th October 2005 Contruction of the dual gauge rail - 2ft and 2ft 8ins.  20th November 2005 Disc grinding and needle gunning the rails prior to welding. 20th November 2005Two basic carpenters doing Basic Carpentry. 20th November 2005"Now look here, this is where it should be" Positioning the dual gauge track in the foundation floor. 27th November 2005Disc cutting wheel channel angles 27th November 2005Welding the wheel channel angles in position 27th November 2005 Final work and tidying before final concrete to be poured on Friday (9th December) 4th December 2005  The rails (dual Gauge) for Secundus in position - 15th December 2005 Hand finishing the drain pipe trench - 18th December 2005Installing the stormwater pipe - 18th December 2005Overall shot of drainage work - 18th December 2005 A cold wet day using an electric lift to continue dismantling process. 8th January 2006Loosenig Nuts - 22nd January 2006 Loading the old skips onto Lorry - 22nd January 2006 The first steelwork arrives on site - 29th January 2006 General dismantling at Norden Mines. 5th February 2006 Next tower being lifted from Norden Mines. 5th February 2006 Then there were 2 towers - 6th February 2006 The front steelwork awaiting to be bolted on. 6th February 2006 Looking down the length of building - 6th February 2006 Overall view of site - 6th February 2006 Joining the 2 towers together. 12th February 2006 Moving Steelwork Bay into position - 5th March 2006 Bolting up and pouring drain culver concrete - 5th March 2006 Moving foundation spoil to allow space for ramp construction. 9th April 2006 Ramp steelwork arriving on site. 9th April 2006 Spring is in its full flush, and the mine building continues to make good progress. 23rd April 2006 Placing Cement into the Steelwork supporting pad hole -23rd April 2006 Digging the 5th of six steelwork supporting pad holes - 23rd April 2006 Mixing Cement for Steelwork supporting pads - 23rd April 2006 Final few shovel fulls go into a Steelwork supporting pad- 23rd April 2006 After chipping the rust off the protective paint is being applied to the Steelwork. - 25th April 2006 Winch being prepared for removal from the old mine building. 14th May 2006Winch being dragged out of Mine building on rails. 14th May 2006 Winch in the open. 14th May 2006 Winch, motor, & electrical supply cabinets moved out of Mine building. Building now ready for final lift.. 14th May 2006 Grave Diggers - When it is raining and you are shoveling sticky clay - smile. 21st May 2006 An extremely useful tool on free loan from High Level Platforms (Mr P. Ainsworth) 01929 555055. 21st May 2006 Breakout - Removing roof sheets to make a hole for lifting straps. 21st May 2006 The arrival of the last piece of Mine Building makes a big impact on Park & Ride. 22nd May 2006 Final 5 tons arrives on the end of 60 ton Crane from a 40ft lorry. 22nd May 2006The building is coming together bit by bit. 24th May 2006 From this view, it looks as if the building has always been here, instead of just 2 days. 24th May 2006 Measuring the floor beam for insert a small make up piece, prior to lifting into place. 2nd July 2006 Welding the insert to the floor beam. 2nd July 2006 SR Management review of progress.  23rd July 2006 Installing the wooden beams to take floor boards and Winch. 23rd July 2006 Splicing a beam that had been cut during transportation. 23rd July 2006 The floorboards arrive by trailer at the top level. Now the jigsaw problem to lay them as they were. 30th July 2006   The floor is laid (but not nailed)  20th August 2006 Lifting skip bay steelwork into position. 10th September 2006 Skip bay steelwork. 10th September 2006 Skip arrived on site. 10th September 2006. Wire brushing the skip for painting. 24th September 2006 Welding the ramp to the main steelwork. 24th September 2006Taking time out for Press Photos. 24th September 2006    Ramp feet protection walls being built. 12th November 2006 Ramp feet protection walls. 12th November 2006 Work continues on ramp feet protection walls. 26th November 2006 Utilites trench being dug. 7th January 2007 Utilities trench being dug by hand uphill by 3 hard working volunteers. 7th January 2007 Utilities trench being dug the easy way. 7th January 2007 Look what we have done - 2 side frames. 4th February 2007 Inserting the middle bar to framework. 4th February 2007 "It is difficult to see the wood from the trees" 11th February 2007 Bit by bit the jigsaw of the wood framing is being put together. 11th February 2007 Filling in the utilities trench. 18th February 2007 Two handed saw team work!  18th February 2007 Workshop for woodwork adjustments. 18th February 2007 Sorting the wood framing into shapes and lengths. 11th March 2007 The framework extends forever eastwards. 25th March 2007 The centre section of the building frame grows. 25th March 2007 Wood work continues. 22nd April 2007 Soil removed from around building to allow hardcore to be installed. 22nd April 2007 Land drain installation. 8th May 2007 Groundworks alongside ramp. 8th May 2007 Scalpings on the move after a very wet morning. 13th May 2007 Scalpings awaiting spreading and compacting. 13th May 2007 The new power distribution panel. 13th May 2007 Another land drain to catch the drips from the roof installed. 20th May 2007 All the sheeting was brought on site, sorted and stacked for easy access. 20th May 2007  Before the skip can be moved the underside has to be derusted (not many volunteers for that job) and painted. 3rd June 2007 The end result of 4 man days work. Ready to be moved and placed upright for further work. 10th June 2007 Any volunteers? Roof removed and repostioned on the ramp. 8th July 2007 Slope now has a roof. 15th July 2007 With some panels installed the Mine feeling is beginning to return to the building. 22nd July 2007 Workers taking a break to admire their work. Trench bottom followed a laser line. 22nd July 2007 Drain constuction to catch drips of the roof. 5th August 2007 Wheelbarrowing stone from dumper to drainage trench. 12th August 2007 Removing clag dug from trench. 12th August 2007 Finished drainage trench awaiting track to be laid on top. 12th August 2007.Drain for building downpipe installed. 9th September 2007 This is the start of something for the Railway Buffs. 9th Semptember 2007 Rail layout setting out. 30th September 2007 Levelling and setting out track bed. 7th October 2007 The first of the New sheeting is nailed into position. 13th November 2007 Nailing the first new sheet. 13th November 2007 As the sheeting goes on, the boss keeps watch. 13th November 2007 A row of sheeting completed. 13th November 2007 End wall installed 2nd December 2007A small wall with a roof installed. 2nd December 2007 The roof goes on. 9th December 2007 and in the other direction - more roof. 9th December 2007 The skeleton gets its skin. 9th December 2007 Equipment on loan from High Level Platforms allowing access to the high parts of the cladding. 7th January 2008 Ramp with its new cladding. 24th February 2008 Welding the new column extensions for public observation platform. 24th February 2008 The first fully repainted window frame is installed. 9th March 2008 My what a nice view! 9th March 2008 Preparing steelwork for welding. This will tie the new observation platform into the main building. 9th March 2008 Looking like a james bond movie, the second window hole being cut. 16th March 2008. 2nd window frame installed. 16th March 2008 Brackets under construction for new public observation platform. 8th June 2008 Winchman's Office under construction. 8th June 2008 Adding support brackets for New steelwork beams. 22nd June 2008 New uprights and diagonals and support pads installation complete and awaiting the new floor joists. 20th July 2008 Public Observation Platform Steelwork almost complete. 27th July 2008 View looking down on the steelwork of the Public Observation Platform. 27th July 2008 Winchman's Office. 27th July 2008 Inside of the Winchman's Office. 27th July 2008 The end wall uprights bolted into position. 3rd August 2008 The swallows second brood of 4 (8 total) to have been born in the Transhipment shed this year. 3rd August 2008 The joists are in and ready to accept the floorboards of the new observation platform. 10th August 2008 Floorboards added to new Public Observation Platform. 17th August 2008 Floor Steel Plates being lifted to operating floor. 31st August 2008 Floor Plates being manouvered into position. 31st August 2008The framework above the Public Observation Platform begins to appear. 14th September 2008 What is probably the last lift up to the building before it is sheeted. 21st September 2008 Observation Platform and Display Area frame work complete and ready for sheeting. 21st September 2008 More sheeting added. 12th October 2008  With the building lighting in service, unloading a lorry load of hardwood timber recovered from London at night is made easy. 9th November 2008 The impressive inside of the building, now weather proof. 23 November 2008 Increasing the height of the drainage pit. 26th March 2009 Finished pit. 26th March 2008 Skip being derusted and painted. 26th March 2009 The Artist at work! The switchgear panel receives a coat of paint. 10th February 2010 Fitting anti-vertigo panels to underside of the ramp. Sunday 6th November 2011 1st Skip of scrap metal awaiting collection. Sunday 3rd March 2013

Click here for short movie of the installation of indoor track

Click here for short movie of the installation of storm water drains

Click here for short movie of the tipping of a steelwork bay

Click here for short movie of moving spoil




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