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The Purbeck Mineral & Mining Museum
Progress Photographs

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Foreman's Office

Foreman's Office when donated to PMMMGThis was the condition of the building before it was moved in May 2004  New timber scarfted into existing and new mortise joints  Mines Office under restoration by "the team" 2004 Restoration nearing completion - May 2005 Security Sheild installed over front window - May 2005 Interior almost complete - May 2005 Site of Foreman's Office (or new pond)  21st April 2005The Foreman's Office hangs in midair, below and behind is the new Museum hack. 25th August 2005 Foreman's Office safely on the deck. 25th August 2005 It is here at last - Copyright Andrew P M Wright 4th September 2005 Forman's Office open for display. 11th September 2005  Eldon sidings at Steam Gala Open Days.  11th September 2005 Temporary power has arrived. 19th November 2005 Fitting the final "cut down garage door" security shield - 2nd July 2006A 3 year old playing with the model railway and learning what Norden looked like in 1960's. 2nd June 2008 A glimpse of the Model of the "Norden in the 1960's" built by Peter Hollins.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - John Thorne has included the Foreman's Office in his model "Purbeck" A newley erected telephone pole (based on the model) bringing a line to the office. 24th September 2009 Almost connected - Insulators made of Ball Clay. 24th September 2009

Museum Entrance                    

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Main beams installed for Foot Bridge - May 2005 Footbridge under construction - June 2005David and Joshua adding side rails - June 2005 Bridge "Flat packed" ready for treatment at Timber Yard. June 2005Path building 10th July 2005Museum Entrance awaiting Foreman's Office July 2005Laying first Tramway panel 17th July 2005 Joshua - our young caver at work in the workshops 11th August 2005 Joshua - a wet carver poses next to his handywork 24th August 2005  The details of the carved signpost in position 24th August 2005 It has arrived !! 25th August 2005 And to join the Foreman's office, 140 year old No.28 wagon. 25th August 2005Testing the bridge after having moved it - Copyright Andrew PM Wright 4th September 2005 Yet another little task completed - Copyright Andrew P M Wright 4th September 2005   Wagons 11 & 16 back home at Norden 26th September 2005  Wagons 11 & 16 back home at Norden 26th September 2005 Primroses bloom to show spring is here at last   9th April 2006  Mine tubs moved to new display area and path tarmac up to bridge. 26th November 2006 Pathway low level lighting installed. 11th February 2007 "The Train now leaving" - last day of 2008. 31st December 2008 No visitors today - too cold, but work iside the transhipment shed continues. 7th January 2010 New entrance path way to Pit Prop area. 12th June 2011 copyright. APMWright Imerys helps with the construction of path to pit prop area. 12th June 2011  Copyright APM Wright Digger starts work on the entrance Path to Transhipment Shed.  Monday 16th April "012 Dumper retuns for another load. Monday 16th April 2012 The digger makes its way carefully through the trees. Monday 16th April 2012 Entrance Path Graded. 29th May 2012 Entrance Pathway through the woods under construction. Tuesday 29th May 2012 Display area under construction. Tuesday 29th May 2012 The new entrance path. Sunday 19th August 2012 Construction of a waterproof resting seat on the climb up to the museum. Refreshments will be only available during construction. Sunday 11th November 2012 New Fencing. Friday 22nd February 2013 Entrance Gates installed. Monday 25th February 2013 The new view of the Museum Entrance. Monday 25th February 2013


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