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The Purbeck Mineral & Mining Museum
It is impossible (or desirable) to recreate  full size everything that was clay related in Purbeck for every period, so to capture young and old minds and educate, the Museum has several working models. On the right is "Norden" with the A351 crossing in 1960's.                                          
 They can be seen at model exhibitions throughout southern England.

Another model is of Eldon's Siding shown below and is as it was in the 1930's. On the right can be seen the Swanage branch and to the left of that is the 3' 9" gauge railway system on which "Tiny" and "Thames" ran. You will also see that horses were also used up until the second world war.

All the models are full of small details that amuse and entertain.  Their purpose is to catch your attention and enable all ages to learn in the most pleasant and enjoyable way. You may see "Sean the sheep" and one or two gnomes which would not have been on the prototype. The world of Models is somewhere for children of all ages to escape to.
"Pikes Pits"  features the 2' 81/2" gauge railway of Pikes and the layout is of an area in Creech in the Isle of Purbeck. It had its first outing at Weymouth in late October 2011 and was in an unfinished condition. It is hoped to have it finished and fully operational for its displays in the 2012 season.

George Moon has kindly lent his rolling stock for display on the model, including his excellent model of Quintus.

 Pike's Pits won "The most appealing layout trophy" at Amberley on the weekend 14th/15th July 2012


At the 2009 Sedgemoor Rail

 Peter Hollins with Eldon's Sidings won "best of show"


At Eastleigh 100

In May 2009 Swanage Railway was very well represented at Eastleigh 100 with M7, Manston, and Eddystone. However the Eldon's Sidings Model also drew a small crowd.

Richard Bentley 2009

At Old Kiln Light Railway

During the weekend of 2nd and 3rd May 2009 Peter Hollins had the pleasure of placing his model of the ex Norden Ruston on the real thing at the Old Kiln Light Railway

At Bognor Regis Club 2009

Please note that the newspaper have misunderstood the information given to them, and the mines closed in 1999 rather than the earlier date of 1960's as stated 

Please note that the last Norden Mine closed in 1999 and not in the 1960s

Class 33 on Swanage Branch at Eldons.

Something that would not have happened in the 1930's


For a schedule of where to go to see the models - click here