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The Purbeck Mineral & Mining Museum
Swanage Railway The award-winning Swanage Railway currently operates on the six miles of track between Swanage and Norden, through the beautiful Isle of Purbeck.
Ball Clay Heritage Society The Society was formed in February 2000, to further understanding of the history and heritage of Ball clay production, transport and use, particularly in Devon and Dorset;
Russell Restoration Russell was 100 years old in 2006. Russell spent several years at Norden and is in need of a little help. This link is to the Welsh Highland Railway appeal site.
Blue Pool Blue Pool is one of Purbeck & Dorset's premier attractions and is a direct result of Ball clay mining. It has a small but high quality museum relating Ball clay with the tobacco and tea industries. Well worth a visit!
Old Kiln Light Railway This is home to the Norden Ruston 48DL that one day will return to its old stomping ground for a visit
Moseley Railway Trust PMMMG have been able to call upon MRT's experience in design of new engine shed and other matters

Purbeck Museums Group (which Purbeck Mineral & Mining Museum is part of)

Dorset AONB Partnership Organisation protecting the Purbeck Landscape for future generations
Geology of the Wessex Coast An excellent source of information regarding the coastline geology of Purbeck and beyond
Tarmac Quarry A very good introduction to Quarrying to those who are young at heart with games to play.
Trinity Bed & Breakfast A bed and Breakfast in Wareham close to the Quay and run by an ex-clay worker and his wife.
Suttle natural Stone This page on a very good commercial website gives the history of Purbeck Stone Quarrying and use since Roman times.
Strolling Guides - Pikes tramway A good guide to Pikes tramway and an interesting site format.

There is more to Corfe than just a Castle - A VISITORS GUIDE FROM THE CORFE CASTLE CHAMBER OF TRADE
Isle of Purbeck A site that almost covers everything you need to know about Purbeck.
Sandford Pottery A page on the vanished pottery at Sandford
Railway Ramblers Railway Ramblers link is here because their main aim is to discover, explore and document disused railway lines and they have made a very welcome donation to the Purbeck Minerals & Mining Museum .
Waggonway Research Circle A site that comprehensively explores the history of early wagon ways
Heather Coleman's website Almost everything you could wish to know about Clay Tobacco Pipes. A very good site by a amateur archaeologist and clay pipe maker.
Ray Hooley's 'Ruston & Hornsby Engine Pages' Gives a history of the Company. The site also carries useful information on the dates when particular Ruston engine types were in production
Caerleon Tramroad This website tells the story of a tramway a few years older than Middlebere tramway but similar in construction. It recommended for illustrations of the construction details which were almost identical to the Middlebere Tramway.
Morton House Hotel The closest hotel to the Museum and recommended as a place to stay if you are visiting the museum
High Level Platforms Mr P Ainsworth has very kindly lent the Museum access platforms free of charge. Without this kind of help the dismantling and rebuilding work would have been impossible. This is a public thank you.

Manning Wardle’s ANNA

Here is your chance to build a model of one of the Purbeck Manning Wardle locomotives


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