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The Purbeck Mineral & Mining Museum

Volunteers Required                                     

It has been recognised that one of the main successes of the 2012 Olympic Games was the volunteers. Volunteers can make something special more special and that is why the museum is in desperate need of more Volunteers.

We are fast approaching the running phase of the museum and require a different type of volunteer. Ones that will look after the Museum and make sure that is open and enjoyable to visitors.

Our existing members have been great in constructing the mine, but are not all wishing to be part of the everyday running of the museum. They (and others) are still required to carry out further development work as the Museum expands.

As and when we have need for special skills we will list these below.

 Needed urgently 

        Visitor Services Volunteer, Purbeck Mineral and Mining Museum, Norden, near Wareham, Dorset

We are looking for enthusiastic Visitor Services Volunteers to ensure that all our visitors have an enjoyable, informative visit to the Purbeck Mineral and Mining Museum. Duties include assisting in the day to day running of the museum and engaging with our visitors, answering questions and offering assistance if necessary. We work a shift system, over six days of the week (Tuesday-Sunday (plus Public Holidays), 9:30am-4:30pm). There will be opportunities to become involved in other aspects of the operation of the museum, including, visitor surveys, special events, care of the collections, and documentation work. Training will be provided.  

This volunteering opportunity will be interesting to anyone looking to gain experience of museum work, or who just loves history or industrial heritage as much as we do!  

Person Specification:
                 1).       Essential

                                                             a.      Ability to communicate with visitors in a clear and friendly manner;

                                                            b.      An interest in the history of Dorset and/or  industrial heritage;

                                                             c.      Willingness to follow procedures, but use own initiative and seek advice when appropriate;

                                                            d.      High level of punctuality and reliability.

2)      Desirable

                                                             a.      Customer service experience;

                                                            b.      Experience of working with young people/families;

                                                             c.      Previous museum or heritage experience.

For further information about this role, and how to apply,  email 


 We do need an Architect to help design the purpose built Museum Building to house the artifacts including Secundus. This will be a new building located near the transhipment building.

At present we have no ladies helping us. We had in the past and they have worked in the thick of it and enjoyed it. 

Building the Museum requires a complete range of skills. From construction work though to  handling rare museum artifacts. This means that people of all ages, sexes, experience and all fitness levels are required to help. 

Concentration of the job in hand,                  Checking what is being eaten at Lunchtime      and        Contemplating at the end of the day Andrew P M Wright

We all have our limitations, but if you can breathe there is work for you. There is a full range of work to do and skills needed. There is administration work, accounts, architects, Drawing production, IT work, archive research, fund raising, museum guides, gardening, digging, grass cutting, painting, cleaning, carpentry, welding, electrical installation, machinery overhauling, pipework, civil engineering, general labouring, and much more including all those duties in running a narrow gauge line (we are not short of willing volunteers for drivers). Contact us and tell us what you are good at and like doing.

Sunday working party with 146 year Furzebrook wagon Andrew P M Wright

The museum group have regular Sunday working parties, meeting at the Norden Park & Ride site about 10.00am. Just ask the "man on the gate of the car park" and he will tell you where we are. 

Here is a mid week carpentry team with ages in the 8th and 2nd decades
  John Rowley

With the museum soon to open, we will be requiring volunteers who can and wish to work on other days of the week other than Sunday. If you are interested then contact us using this e-mail link. We will then make contact with you and discuss both your and our requirements

The chairman (P.Sills) has his team under complete control and hard at work. - Andrew P M Wright

We have found that over time friendships are formed.  Andrew P M Wright 

And it isn't all hard work!!!  Teresa Sutton

So you are interested?  What next? Well you could turn up on any Sunday (10.00am onwards) and make yourself known. Or perhaps you need to discuss with us first. Send us an e-mail including your phone number and we will contact you.

Click here to send us an e-mail


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