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There are many books that cover the clay extraction in Purbeck. Only part of the book may deal with the clay, but this page is to list in no particular order those books that the reader may find of use in their studies. 



A book dedicated to the memory of Joyce Meates Grandparents. It tells the story of the clay working at Goathorn/Newton. If you are interested in the clay extraction of Purbeck, then this book is a "must read". It is a "self published" book of a limited run. The Mining Museum has a mention. 

The book is available from Joyce Meates tel no 01929 439245. It is also in New and Secondhand Books in Station Road, Swanage, Swanage Museum, Studland Stores, and Durlston Castle



"Narrow Gauge Branch Lines - Dorset & Somerset Narrow Gauge" By Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith and Published by Middleton Press
This book includes all the Purbeck narrow gauge clay tramways and even a little about the Museum.


"Stephen Lewin and the Poole Foundry" - By Russell Wear and Eric Lees and Published by Industrial Railway Society and Industrial Locomotive Society in 1978 ISBN 0 901096 35 0
This book covers the History of the Poole Foundry and has a page on Fayles first locomotive "Tiny". Please note that there is an error in the book - the opening of the Goathorn Railway took place in 1854 and not 1868 as stated by the book. That said, if you are interested in the history of Poole, this book is worth a read.


"The Railways of Purbeck" by R.W.Kidner and published by The Oakwood Press in 1973
A great little book packed with information on Purbeck Railways. However it is wrong on the opening of Goathorn Railway which took place in 1854 with 170 roast beef dinners for the workers.and not as per the book - 1868. Also Tiny never ran on the plateway.


Industrial Railways of the South West by Michael Messenger and published by Twelveheads Press in 2005
Only 6 pages of photographs covering Purbeck but still worth a read

"Purbeck - The ingrained Island" by Paul Hyland published by Dovecote Press in 1978 ISBN 0 946 159 65 3



"Branch Line to Swanage to1992" Middleton Press
20 plus pages of the clay industry along the Swanage Branch.