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 Track & Loco Appeal
Thanks to the European Grant we will now have some for the Ruston to "play"  and live BUT
 We still have plans to extend the railway in the future across Skew Bridge and to run Passenger services. One Locomotive will not be sufficient for reliable passenger services. It is important to build up a "fighting fund" that will enable us to purchase suitable Locomotives when they appear on the market. This will take a great deal of finance and therefore we appeal to you to consider making a donation. Our Dream is to see Russell return to Norden and cross Skew Bridge. We will soon be looking for funding to carry out the repairs required to enable trains to run across the bridge once more. Help us with this dream.

The Ruston at Norden  
Photo copyright John Rowley

The locomotive we have purchased is a Ruston and Hornsby 48DL number 283871, built at the Boultham Works in Lincoln in late 1949, part of lot number 16, it has the original VRH 4 cylinder 48 horsepower engine fitted and is one of 1127 locomotives in its class. The locomotive worked for a number of years at Sturry Quarry, near Canterbury for Brett Gravel Co. and was numbered No. 9 in their fleet, she was disposed of by 1989 and acquired by Charles Summers for the fledgling Lynton & Barnstable revival group.

Money donated by supporters has help to bring the Ruston up to good running condition and it has been earning its keep by moving over a hundred tons of ballast. The Engine has been stripped and rebuilt, and all the wiring has been renewed, new horn fitted, Dynamo has been rewound and repaired. However there is an oil leak in the transmission that requires seeing to and will require funds to be spent. Chalk & Cheese funding does not cover expenses like this, so if you feel you can help financially, download the form at the bottom of the page and donate. Your donation will be much appreciated.


The original Ruston that so many people remember.

Unloading another locomotive that will run at Norden. It is privately owned.

With two opportunities to purchase track at good prices, it was decided that a couple of supporters would lend a significant sum of money for the purchase of a significant quantity of track and and for it to be stored for future use. The track has now been purchased from these supporters using European Funds 

Photo copyright A.P.M.Wright   

Photo copyright John Rowley.

             February 2009 Photo copyright A.P.M.Wright..

Photo copyright A.P.M.Wright.

 Below are photos of the team working to dismantle ex MOD track of 2' 6"  gauge and neatly storing it ready for relaying at Norden at 2' 0" gauge.

Laying the ex Trecwn track at 2' 0" gauge

Track laying into the new engine shed                                                                    Trackbed being extended above Norden Station


Please download this form, print out and complete. Then send to the address shown along with your donation


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